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About Us: Passionate People, Rigorous Reviews

Born From Frustration, Fueled By Passion:

Like many of you, we were tired of wading through a sea of biased reviews and marketing fluff. We craved honest, in-depth evaluations from people who genuinely understood the needs of athletes. That’s why Reliable Sporting was born in May, 2023 – built by Ahmed Abrar Ariyan and his team for passionate athletes. Reliable Sporting’s all the socials and this website exist to serve the purpose of providing honest and valuable reviews for you guys.

Beyond the Spec Sheet:

We don’t just regurgitate manufacturer specs. Our team dives deep, putting products through a gauntlet of real-world scenarios. We hit the court, the field, and the trail, experiencing gear firsthand and understanding its true capabilities.

Data-Driven, Athlete-Centric:

We combine our diverse skillsets with meticulous testing methodologies that blend quantitative data analysis with athlete-centric evaluation. We measure performance, assess durability, and consider value for money, but we also focus on the intangibles – how a product feels, performs under pressure, and fuels your athletic journey.

Transparency You Can Trust:

We prioritize independent product acquisition, eliminating bias from manufacturer-provided samples. This ensures we’re testing gear on a level playing field, just like you would. Our reviewers are transparent about their experiences and any potential conflicts of interest.

Pushing Boundaries, Not Brands:

We’re constantly seeking out the latest innovations, pushing gear to its limits to reveal hidden strengths and weaknesses. We’re not beholden to brands – our loyalty lies with our readers, and our reviews reflect that commitment.

A Community You Can Rely On:

Reliable Sporting isn’t just a website; it’s a community of passionate athletes like yourself. We encourage user feedback and consider expert insights to provide a holistic view of each product.

Investing in Your Success:

We believe in the power of informed decisions. Our in-depth reviews empower you to find the perfect equipment to elevate your performance and maximize your enjoyment of your chosen sport.

Join us on this journey, and experience the difference of reviews built by athletes, for athletes.

Our Review Process: Unbiased Evaluations, Trusted Results

At Reliable Sporting, we believe in the power of in-depth, unbiased reviews. We go beyond marketing claims and flashy designs to deliver transparent evaluations that inform your buying decisions. Here’s a breakdown of our rigorous review process:

1. Independent Acquisition: We prioritize purchasing products ourselves, eliminating potential bias from manufacturer-provided samples. This ensures we’re testing gear under real-world conditions, just like you would.

2. Meticulous Testing: Our team puts each product through a battery of tests based on industry standards and our own established criteria. This considers factors like:

  • Performance: How well does the product execute its intended function?
  • Durability: Can it withstand the demands of your chosen sport?
  • Value for Money: Does the price match the quality and features offered?
  • User Experience: Is the product comfortable, easy to use, and enjoyable?

3. Diverse Testing Environments: We test products across a variety of conditions and skill levels to provide a well-rounded perspective. This could involve replicating game-day scenarios, taking the gear on extended training sessions, or catering to both beginner and experienced users.

4. Data-Driven Analysis: We record and analyze quantitative data collected during testing. This could include metrics like swing speed, shot accuracy, or wear and tear after specific usage.

5. Real-World Feedback: Beyond our own testing, we consider user feedback and professional athlete insights whenever available. This helps us provide a holistic view of the product’s strengths and weaknesses.

6. Honest Reviews: Finally, our team translates their findings into clear, concise, and honest reviews. We highlight both the positives and negatives, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your specific needs and preferences.

Now, let’s review how we test in each category.

How we test basketball products:

Shoes: In addition to two-week wear tests, reviewers evaluate basketball shoes on both indoor and outdoor courts. They focus on five key areas: grip, cushioning, materials, ankle support, and fit. These are assessed individually and together to give a complete picture of a shoe’s performance. Their aim is to provide detailed information to help you find the perfect shoe for your needs and playing style, regardless of your position. An ideal basketball shoe should offer excellent court grip for sharp cuts and stops, ample cushioning to protect your joints, a comfortable upper that secures your foot, supportive stability for explosive movements, and durable materials that justify the cost.

How we test athletic products:

Shoes: Unlike basketball shoes, running shoes are judged based on different criteria due to the varying demands of each sport. Here’s how we assess running shoes:

  • Midsole: We analyze various aspects like cushioning, responsiveness, design, and flexibility.
  • Outsole: Traction, versatility, and durability are key features we examine.
  • Upper: Fit, comfort, breathability, and how long it takes to feel comfortable are all evaluated.

To thoroughly test these features, we use the shoes for various running scenarios:

  • Easy jogs
  • Long runs (over 10 miles)
  • Interval or tempo training (both on tracks and different surfaces)
  • Even road races and trail runs are factored in, depending on the shoe’s purpose.

This extensive testing helps us identify when and where each shoe performs best.

How we test golf products:

Shoes: Choosing golf shoes involves balancing performance and style. Consider cushioning for comfort, stability for your swing, and traction for grip on the course. Material quality also matters. Don’t forget looks, as golf can involve business networking. We evaluate all these factors and test shoes on the course to help you find the perfect pair that optimizes both your game and your image.

Our Team

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We use affiliate links sometimes, which means we might earn a small commission if you buy something through them. But these commissions don’t affect our recommendations – we prioritize finding the best products for you. Our retail partners know this too. Our readers’ trust is what matters most to us, and it’s what allows us to keep doing what we love. We’ll always work to earn and keep that trust.