adidas AE 1 Full Review

Adidas AE 1 Full Review

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The adidas AE1 is one of the most eagerly awaited and possibly the greatest basketball shoes of 2024.

Anthony Edwards, a star player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, debuted as the brand’s first ambassador with the adidas AE 1. It was undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited shoe releases of 2024, and it may be the best basketball shoe made by adidas this year as well as among the best available in general.

Along with being loaded with some of adidas’ best performance features—like full-length Jetboost cushioning—the shoe has an unusual and divisive design. Not only that, but it’s fantastic to see that the shoe retails for a very reasonable $120. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though, and discover what makes this shoe unique.

adidas AE 1 Traction:

adidas AE 1 Traction

With its straightforward traction setup, the AE 1 is expected to perform exceptionally well on indoor surfaces. We have an aggressive, full length and full width herringbone traction pattern on a translucent rubber outsole. Adidas used incredibly grippy rubber for this model, which bites the court like nobody’s business.

Remember that it tends to gather dust and does require some time to break in. However, if you give the shoe an hour or so of use and wipe the sole occasionally, you shouldn’t have any problems. Additionally, it’s not a great choice for outdoor use, but if you save the AE 1 for indoor hoops, you’ll have excellent underfoot grip.

adidas AE 1 Cushion:

adidas AE 1 Cushion

Although the adidas AE 1 has a dual-density foam cushioning system that combines Lightstrike and Boost—Jetboost, specifically—it’s not a bad thing that you can’t see or feel the Lightstrike anywhere. Although it’s a very low-profile setup, good compression and impact protection are still retained.

This is partially due to the fact that Boost is fantastic and that the outsole’s wavy shape and numerous cutouts enable the cushioning to expand and contract while you play. The majority of hoopers will find that the impact protection provided by the Boost—which is fully caged and has a full-length spring plate—is more on the reactive end of the cushioning spectrum.

adidas AE 1 Material:

adidas AE 1 Material

The AE 1’s materials are unique, non-premium, and a little heavy, but they are also performance-oriented and creative. A TPU piece in the shape of a honeycomb is wrapped around the upper of the shoe. It is soft enough to easily mold to the shape of your foot while also providing the shoe with excellent containment and structure.

Although this shoe may appear to be a mid, it is actually a low top because the black sections of the upper (in this colorway) are made of a soft textile and are constructed like socks. Furthermore! Fear not—the tongue is semi-gusseted, making the sock-adjacent construction easy to slip on, and the shoe’s high level of perforation on the textile underneath the honeycomb allows for excellent ventilation. Overall, both the construction and design are wonderful.

The shoe does feel a little bottom-heavy, and breaking it in takes a little longer than usual before it really conforms to your foot. Just keep in mind that the forefoot flex area in particular may cause some initial soreness.

adidas AE 1 Support:

adidas AE 1 Support

The shoe’s support is unquestionably its best feature. First off, we have an incredibly stable cushioning system and a very wide base with a ton of contact area with the court. The TPU wrap is another option that is excellent for lateral containment. The adidas AE 1 also features an internal and external heel counter in addition to the brand’s X Frame spring plate.

The practically full-length X-shaped torsional plate adds a good amount of torsional rigidity and a pleasant springy feel underfoot. Excellent lockdown in this area is achieved by the heel counters, which effectively hold your heel in place, as well as the well-sculpted interior of the shoe.

adidas AE 1 Fit:

The shoe fits a little bit long, and the black laces that come with it are a little smooth and tend to come undone. These are the two small problems you may have. There is an extra pair of laces that come with the AE 1, and they are slightly more durable and stay in place better.

The AE 1 is somewhat longer than typical, but it fits true to size, as we just discussed. Most basketball players will be fine wearing their usual size, but if you like a snug 1 to 1 fit, you could go down half a size.

adidas AE 1 Fit Verdict:

adidas AE 1 Overall

It seems like adidas is making a comeback in the performance basketball market. The Trae Young 3 was excellent, the Harden Vol 7 was outstanding, and now we have the AE 1, which is a superior basketball sneaker and among the greatest debut signature shoes ever made. Even if the AE 1 doesn’t finish at that level, it’s still a great basketball sneaker. It may turn out to be the greatest sneaker of 2024 overall.

These will be difficult to top, especially when you consider the shoe’s $120 price. It is a little heavy and fits a little bit long. The AE 1 ought to be at the top of your list if the bizarre design doesn’t bother you and you’re itching to play basketball in some quality adidas sneakers.

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