Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Full Review

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Full Review

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The Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2, which features minor improvements and decreases, has an intriguing look. It is difficult for those attempting to provide information or write product reviews, nevertheless, because there are inconsistent online item descriptions.

The shoe’s overall design is noteworthy because it seeks to update and reorganize certain features while keeping others from the Ishod 1. But one problem that’s not mentioned is the cushioning structure that surrounds the Air Max unit. The design was influenced by a basketball shoe used in 1990s basketball items, yet this is a stretch because the shoe is an Air Max model rather than an Air Max running shoe.

According to an interview with a member of the design team, the general style and available colorways of the original Ishod 1 shoe were influenced by basketball in the 1990s. The Ishod 2, on the other hand, was designed to seem more like a lifestyle shoe and be more of an onboard/offboard shoe. This is peculiar since skating is a lifestyle activity, meaning that your skating attire serves as your casual clothing.

Speaking with the design team, it was learned that the Nike Air Flare, a tennis model worn by Andre Agasse in the 1990s, served as the inspiration for the shoe’s overall design package. While the white, teal, and dark blue colorway matches an identical Air Flare colorway, the red and white colorway on the Ishod 2 is really a sample of the original white and red colorway of the Air Flare.

It’s unclear how information was misinterpreted during the transfer from the design team and development to marketing, but it was evident that something was amiss because they were repeating details from the first model (Ishod 1) without mentioning the updates from the second (Ishod 2).

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Traction:

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Traction

Let’s start by examining the shoe’s bottom. So, the outsole of these and the original are rather identical. And by nearly identical, I mean extremely similar. The sole reason they altered the rubber pattern at the base or heel was to make room for the new cushioning technology they chose to employ. Apart than that, though, it is essentially the same. There was one small, swoopy addition made by them.

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Cushion:

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Cushion

The Ishod 2 are technical shoes which are more resilient and have a firmer feel than the first generation. The cupsole, or the midsole, is an improvement over the original and offers a rubber-like packaging with a similar feel. It might feel a little softer, though. This shoe is an excellent option for individuals that prefer to be really technical on their boards and want to be able to feel and maneuver with everything.

Though not exactly the same as the original, the midsole cushioning has a comparable feel to it. The heel cushion is one area that has been improved; it now contains an actual Air Max unit. Because it appeals to kids and makes them feel better than everything else on the shelf, this is a marketing gimmick or strategy.

With two mesh side panels, the midfoot area of the Ishod 2 is very ventilated. Additional rubber overlays work well on top of the Ishod 1 and even extend over the tongue. But the entire tongue of the Ishod 2 is covered in vinyl, which can give the shoe a rain boot-like sound.

The ‘last’ of the two shoes was altered to make room for the Air Max unit, which resulted in a somewhat looser fit. The Ishod 2 is a loose fit from the start, which makes the fingered lock down systems essential. The sneakers feel like lifestyle shoes even with the laces tied all the way up. Aside from that, the shoes have some interesting details like the “WAIR Max” emblem along the upper, which some have nicknamed the shoes.

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Material:

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Material

The overall shape and construction of the dropping midsole are comparable, sharing the same stack height. Additionally, the top liner is almost identical. The materials utilized are the primary distinction. React was rumored to have worked on the Ishod 2, but the team was unsure of this since they had left the team before the release.

Although there is a degree of similarity in the overall feel of the midsoles of Ishod 1 and 2, it is not quite certain that this is React. Normally, Nike would say anything like that, but the Ishod 2 doesn’t say “hey, this is React.”

In terms of the upper, the Ishod 2 is both an improvement and a degradation. For further durability, the main Rand—which is made entirely of suede—is rolled on the toe region. Suede also makes up the red portion, and it feels and looks fantastic. The white leather that serves as the primary midfoot body is the material’s most inexpensive component. On the other hand, whether it comes to skate shoes or Modern Performance Products, it is not as nice as the Ishod 1, which comes with a premium package.

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Support:

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Support

The overall fit of the Ishod 2 is different from the original model, which required a lot of breaking time. Some may consider this an upgrade or downgrade depending on the type of skater and their skating needs. The foxing strip, an extra layer above the solid rubber, is also upgraded in the Ishod 2. This thin layer is mainly for maneuverability and adhering the upper to the midsole or cupsole.

Because they are covered lace loops that shield the lace and don’t require additional laces, the lace Loops are far superior than the original. The Ishod 2’s top covers the whole midfoot region of the foot, ensuring a one-to-one fit and an improved lock down system overall. The primary issue with the two pairs of shoes is that, although the Ishod 1 feels fantastic after breaking in, it fits absurdly tight at first.

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Fit:

Now, in terms of general fit, I wear a size I normally wear. You should be good going true to size for the majority of broad footers. As I mentioned earlier, the Last did not fit like a slim shoe even though they appeared to be. They do feel somewhat flimsy.
so just remember that. Going in-store to try them on is highly recommended if you have really tiny feet.

Due to the Air Max unit, they did alter the Last. Additionally, if you have the original Ishod 1s and don’t like how they fit with this one, remove the midsole and replace it with the Ishod 2. considerably more suitable match.

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Verdict:

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 Overall

Nike SB Air Max Ishod 2 is not the best pair of shoes out there, but they are not bad either. There are some upgrades over the previous generation and a few downgrades as well. I think Nike didn’t really care as much when it comes to this product, as we have already understood from the design inspiration and the mixup among the teams behind developing this shoe. But then again, in this price range, not bad.

Now, when it comes to the two models, I like the first one. I still find the profile view on the Ishod 2 to be really nice. particularly when it comes to specific colorways—the red and white one being one among them. However, there’s something about the Ishod 1 that makes me find myself drawn to it.

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