Nike GT Cut 3 Full Review

Nike GT Cut 3 Full Review

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Hey sneaker aficionados! Buckle up because we’re about to unravel the mystery behind the Nike GT Cut 3s. Ever since catching a glimpse of that ‘ZoomX’ tag, my excitement levels have been through the roof. I mean, putting ZoomX in basketball shoes? Sign me up! Having experienced the comfort of ZoomX in their running shoes, I couldn’t wait to feel it on the hardwood. Spoiler alert: it did not disappoint. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Nike GT Cut 3 Traction:

Nike GT Cut 3 Traction

Let’s talk about the traction, or the rubber beneath these aggressive shoes. First of all, this rubber is really grippy; I wish you could feel what I’m feeling. I’m really enjoying how much it sticks to the floor. These bad boys have incredible rubber. It’s so sticky that I wish I could give you the grip I feel through the screen.

Does that imply that dust will stick to these tenaciously? Perhaps. The groove spacing seems like it will handle dust like a pro. With just a fast cleaning, though, you’re set. The routine is familiar to all ballers—wiping the soles is almost a habit. Are you even a Hooper, bro, if you’re not even wiping on a spotless court?

There’s a vibe to these kicks with their cool, oversized herringbone pattern. Aside from the rubber, the groove spacing is what has me intrigued. It appears that it will funnel that dust away, so it shouldn’t interfere too much with your gameplay.

As a quick aside, these appear to be the next evolution of the 1 to 2 shoe based solely on feel and appearance. The two could have been a bit of a hiccup, particularly with regard to form. These just feel so much better on the inside. They seem to be back on the correct path.

Nike GT Cut 3 Cushion:

Nike GT Cut 3 Cushion

Let’s talk about the cushion; ZoomX goodness is everything. This is ZoomX foam, not Zoom Air. Now, in the past, foam shoes were the least expensive choice. Premium items were those that had gimmicks like air cushions or an elaborate 2A system. However, forget everything you ever knew about foam and cheapness. Things have changed now, and I have to admit that ZoomX is a completely different animal.

It’s such a great feeling. These kicks are literally like a feet festival. Putting them on makes me think of that initial GT cut; all you want to do is throw them on and get on the court as soon as possible. I get the “let’s hit the court and have some fun” vibe when I slip these shoes on. Good kicks should be all about having fun, and that’s what they’re about.

Now, this implementation of ZoomX is intriguing. It’s cleverly concealed within Phylon, or plain old EVA. Why? In order to maintain stability without becoming overly mushy. It’s visible through that tiny red swoosh, and when you press on it, it feels somewhat soft. I was concerned that there might be a problem, but as soon as I rocked these, my worries vanished. They have an incredible sense of well-being. I was afraid they would be too gentle or too constrained, but that wasn’t the case. I think a lot of people are going to enjoy these. These are kind of delightful soft. Feels incredibly wonderful.

Nike GT Cut 3 Material:

Nike GT Cut 3 Material

On the material front, let’s get specific. We are discussing insoles, the device that sits beneath your feet. I’m not sure what to call it officially, but this foam is firm and light. It’s definitely glued in place and has some neat molding throughout. If you’re considering replacing it, take action as soon as possible. Don’t wait to warm up the glue and log some miles on these kicks. After it connects, the game is over.

However, if that happens to you, use a hair dryer or other heat source and gently blow on low to loosen the glue. You don’t want to tear it to pieces, I promise.

Moving up a gear, though, this is a bit of a mixed bag. I’m not particularly enamored with this setup. Still, it has its moments, particularly in certain places. It won’t likely negatively impact your performance as a whole. After some break-in period, it will lose its original plasticky feel. Perhaps not the most brilliant move at first, but these days it’s practically the name of the game for almost every shoe. The standard combination is textiles, heat-welded materials, and synthetics.

However, how about we give the toe and tongue region some credit where credit is due? Good. It feels like synthetic nubuck because it’s made of microfiber. Brings me back to the good old days of the Thirteens and some Fourteens. That feel just strikes the right notes, for some reason.

Nike GT Cut 3 Support:

Nike GT Cut 3 Support

Now, despite not being particularly high-end, this insole fits your foot quite well. Therefore, it’s not too bad in that regard. Unless you start experiencing arch problems—which, fortunately, I rarely do—I’d say keep it. The cool part, though, is that you can feel the ZoomX foam when you yank out the insole and are greeted with this enormous cutout. It is incredibly soft, yet it recovers like a pro. It’s really great; interesting stuff.

The Nike GT Cut 3’s support journey can be described as proper. Though not particularly elegant, the insole serves its purpose well. Continue until your arches begin to rebel. Although a little shaky at first, the upper has its moments, particularly in those crucial areas.

So, the foam is great, the insole is somewhat decent, but to put an overall opinion, the support on the Nike GT Cut 3 is amazing. Put on those GT Cut 3s and head out onto the streets; your feet will likely appreciate it.

Nike GT Cut 3 Fit:

About how these bad boys fit—how they snuggle up against your feet, I’d say, go true to size. Most people should have no trouble maintaining their usual size. The fact that these don’t force your feet into extremely thin submission is, in my opinion, a plus.

Here’s the thing: if you can, it would probably be a good idea to try them on in-store if you have wider feet. Many of these basketball kicks these days tend to be narrower, especially in the toe area. Don’t worry, these are still comfortable. I didn’t experience any drama surrounding the lockdown or slipping around at the heel. On the fit front, everything is going smoothly.

Nike GT Cut 3 Verdict:

Nike GT Cut 3 Overall

A number of important characteristics make the Nike GT Cut 3 a serious contender for the title of best basketball shoe of 2024. These features help the shoe perform at a high level. It provides excellent traction, striking cushioning, high-quality materials, and a fitting fit that accommodates a range of foot shapes.

Now, these shoes don’t come cheap pricing at 190$. But for the things they’re offering, I’d say it’s worth it. Not only as a performing unit, but on the design side, they look great as well. These shoes are surely a safe bet if you’re willing to buy a pair of great looking, well-performer shoes

The Nike GT Cut 3 is positioned as a top performer and a strong candidate for the greatest basketball shoes of 2024 thanks to its outstanding traction, cutting-edge cushioning, and unique material features in addition to a comfortable fit.

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