Way of Wade All City 12 Full Review

Way of Wade All City 12 Full Review

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When it comes to basketball shoes, the Way of Wade All City 12 is one of the best options available because it is a well-balanced shoe.

Perhaps the most reliable performance model offered by Way of Wade has been their All City line. In recent years, Way of Wade has been one of the most reliable basketball shoe brands. In comparison to their flagship model, All City typically houses a large amount of Wade’s best technology in a less expensive package.

The All City 12 appears to be no different. Numerous performance enhancements are included in this new version, such as full-length Boom cushioning (more on that later). However, just because each component of the All City 12 is excellent alone does not guarantee that it will function flawlessly as a whole. Now let’s examine the shoe and see how it will function on the court.

Way of Wade All City 12 Traction:

way of wade all city 12 traction

One of the greatest things about the Way of Wade All City 12 is this. An aggressive herringbone traction pattern is etched onto the shoe’s solid rubber outsole. While herringbone is a tried-and-true design that provides excellent bite and multidirectional coverage, the Way of Wade rubber compound utilized in the All City 12 is what really sets it apart.

With its Tuf RB rubber, which is both grippy and long-lasting, the shoe is a terrific choice for both indoor and outdoor use (as far as traction goes). This increased adaptability gives the shoe a significant bonus point.

Few, if any, of the other basketball shoes in that price range are likely to hold up well on the blacktop. It’s annoying to have to purchase two pairs of basketball shoes in order to play on different surfaces, so it’s nice to see a high-quality sneaker that is made to last.

A pleasing aspect of the outsole’s design is that, similar to a Kyrie Irving sneaker, it is flat on the lateral side and rounded on the medial side. When in a more neutral position, the flat, outrigger-equipped lateral portion provides stability, while the rounded portion gives you more mobility for more daring moves on the court.

Way of Wade All City 12 Cushion:

way of wade all city 12 cushion

The All City line’s tendency to include some of Way of Wade’s best technology at a lower cost than the flagship model is one of its best features. And in the cushioning department, we are receiving precisely that. Complete Boom padding is a feature of the Wade All City 12. The best foam cushioning system from Way of Wade is called Boom, and it resembles adidas’ Boost greatly.

Our All City 12’s slab of Boom is thick and well-caged, which results in an extremely well-balanced cushioning system. You have just the right amount of bounce and responsiveness to maintain your quickness on the feet, as well as just enough compression and impact protection for a comparatively plush feel underfoot.

Additionally, it’s a very adaptable cushioning system. This setup will work well outside, in addition to being enjoyed by the great majority of basketball players. The All City 12 provides the extra impact protection you need to keep your legs feeling fresh when playing on hard surfaces.

Way of Wade All City 12 Material:

way of wade all city 12 material

The quality of resources on the Way of Wade All City 12 is nothing to write home about, but they do perform well, and their overall build helps. Although the materials used in each colorway of the All City 12 differ slightly, they all have a fully textile upper with fuse and TPU reinforcements to help with containment.

To help you keep your toes locked down during hard stops on the court, the forefoot of the shoe is reinforced in some colorways with fuse and in others with a more substantial woven material. For some extra mobility and ventilation, a thinner, more forgiving material is used in the construction of the midfoot. The materials used in the heel vary the most between the colorways, but what matters most is that it has a comfortable cushioned interior and a strong heel counter.

In terms of materials, some nice touches are the premium laces and the appropriately reinforced eyelets, which virtually eliminate the possibility that you will rip through them no matter how hard you try to tie your shoes.

Way of Wade All City 12 Support:

way of wade all city 12 support

The All City 12 offers great containment and support, and it feels really safe on the court. We have an excellent all-around build, a wide base with a substantial outrigger, and a stable cushioning setup. That’s not all, though. In addition, there are two hidden lace cables on the lateral side of the forefoot, a well-sculpted heel, and two TPU torsional shank plates—one top-loaded and one bottom-loaded.

Furthermore, the way the materials of the shoe fit your foot and enhance all those supportive features.

Way of Wade All City 12 Fit:

Choose your typical size because the Way of Wade All City 12 fits true to size. Although the shoe fits somewhat snugly, it’s not a tight fit, and breaking in the shoe takes very little time. Thus, choose your usual size and you should be good to go.

Way of Wade All City 12 Verdict:

way of wade all city 12 overall

The Wade All City 12 model is an excellent all-around performer with a number of strong points and no true weak points. Excellent containment and support are provided, the multipurpose traction is outstanding, and the full-length Boom cushioning is extremely well balanced. But the versatility factor is what really sets these apart as a great pickup.

The All City 12 basketball shoes are unique among those at comparable price points because they are made to withstand any kind of playing surface and fit nearly any position or style of play. There are not many shoes in the $150 price range that can match the Way of Wade All City 12 for on-court performance and overall value.

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